Friday, April 25, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

Went to the cinema to watch The Forbiden Kingdom.i just want to watch this movie since last week, but only had a chance to do so last night.Really hope that this movie is worth for my money,because there is no money guarantee back if you dont satisfied with any film that you've watched..haha.

Let us take a look at the plot.

A new kid , is bullied into robbing an old man's store.He Finds a magical staff, gets transported to ancient China, where he's in the middle of a fantastical fight between the Monkey King and the Jade Warlord. He learns to fight, and learns to believe himself.

All in all, it was a decent movie. Typical ending and typical beginning,i mean there is no suprises element there.But,still a good movie to watch though.

There were several scenes that were apparent that Jackie Chan wasn't the fighter, and the big fight between he and Jet Li also showed that both were stunt men doing the fighting.Its good to see that Jackie Chan and Jet Li acting in a same movie.

Overall,i think all the cast did a wonderful job, the characters worked well together. I felt for all of them, even the villains. Most importantly,the cinematography and locations are beautiful and the martial arts are choreographed fantastically. What do you expect when two of Kung fu Taikoo in collaborated together huh?Amazing.

It was actually a very fun movie. There was some great comedy aspects as well as some really cool fight scenes. It wasn't too serious, kept a good story line, and neither the comic relief or fighting were overdone. I've seen some films where they just take it too far, this one had a great balance.i dont even have any chances to feel sleepy,hehe

I would recommend this movie. It was great for a good range of ages. It even had a good moral beneath it.The movie is good,eventhough not that perfect.At least this movie doesn't make me walk out of the theater and ask for my money back.

*it was good to see Jackie and Jet Li together.i felt this movie a little Karate Kid mixed with the lord of the rings.


LannY said...

good does it this movie? yeah its look like LOTR, have some elements from LOTR they adopted in this not to forget The Three Kingdoms....

fusarium solani said...

hm, sempat pergi filem ye! untungnya. saya yang bekerja dengan pembuat drama dan filem dah berbulan-bulan tak ke panggung! sibuknya!

Beruang Madu said...

Ok Azim... nanti abang gi tengok... syok plak tengok pakaian dan istana yg penuh seni tu

axim said...

lanny--->yeah,this movie is good...

fusarium solani--->sekali sekala pegi la tengok cerita terbaru..hehe

beruangmadu--->jalan citer dia ok la..kaalu abang bear nak tengok pemandangan di hutan buluh dan ladang sakura yang indah,segera lah berkunjung ke oawagam untuk tengok citer ni...martial arts dalam citer ni pun best giler..tak rugi tengok walaupun jalan ceritanya agak tipikal dengan filem2 kungfu..prop yang cantik dan lawak yang bersahaja akan menyelamatkan keadaan.percayalah.

ted said...

adeh, lama tak tgk wayang.

2003-2007-tgk wayang dengan pakwe je
2003-until 12.07-tgk wayang dengan teman karib si Nazli Nushi.

skang di Terengganu, manakan ada wayang.terpaksa lupakan.hehe

axim said...

ted--->nazli nushi?lama aku tak dengar citer pasal dier....apa citer dia skang?

Wiween @ Awin said...

warrrghhhhh ini citer kak ween tunggu2 nih!!

Faisal Admar said...

Wanted to watch this movie but was damn busy. So I missed the chance. Will get the dvd soon.


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