Thursday, April 24, 2008

LuncH @ TGI

Today's i've got a chance to lunch with Anies.We lunch at TGI Friday's,still at Queensbay Mall.(we've already been here actually-click this , this and this).But for this time she did bring her friend together,a PHD Student from Iran..which mean she is a foreigner.yeah,a chances to make a new friend here.

*i've had this beef burger with chips
*Iced lemon tea just become one of my favourites lately.
*Anies favourite beverages-Hot chocolate with Whipped Cream
This is Anies new friend in USM,which mean she is my friend too now..hihi..oh,i forgot to tell that her name is Yasaman..first time i heard her name i thought it is yasmine or jasmine..but a confirmation has been done after she showed us her matrix card.Welcome to Malaysia Yasaman..Hope you enjoyed to be in Malaysia.(She said so,actually)

*This is unfinished Cheese Pasta(Anies did order that but she just could'nt finish it..i dont know why..)

*FYI,she ordered two glass of hot chocolate and that is the second glass..
*thanks Yasaman for taking our pictures

*errrkkk i just could'nt finish this meal too...the beef is too thick and i'm already full.

*a friendly waiter and waitress make this place so friendly too...come for the food,and stay for da fun.
A funny thing is Yasaman(Iran foreigner) did'nt understand malay,so when Anies and i talk about her she have no idea what we've been talking about...hahaha...but we did'nt mocked her ok,just talk about the nice thing only...kan anies kan..kan..

*By da way,i'm sorry because the pictures above is not so is taken by P990i..there's a story about my camera..(a real camera)..i'm gonna explain about that later...but not a good one though..sob sob..


freakmie said...

bila aku tgk makanan tuh..really buat aku lapar sahaja..

ita.itu said...

xim, meriah nmpk makanan tuh..anies tu arab ek..yg bju biru tu awek hang ke dik?

Syam said... was nice to get a new fren. foreigner pulak tuh. so axim take advantage to learn their culture mesti seronok....boleh dapat kurma iran ahakss

axim said...

freakmie--->jika lapar sila kunjyngi mana mana tempat makan yang berdekatan..takpun hang rembat jer roti kat opis macam yang hang biasa buat tuh...hahaha

ita.itu--->meriah akak..anies tu bukan awek saya,dia teman tapi mesra saya...hehe

syam--->tu la pasal,dapat kurma iran free mesti besh..hehe

Chen said...

been there once but didn't like the service when they first opened. too slow to seat customers, have to write in waiting list some more. but i'm sure the service would have improved since then. I love waiters/waitresses funky hats!

Chen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
axim said...

chen-->have to tell you this-the service is already improved..yeah,i do love the waiters/waitress funky hats too..!!

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

yayyy yayyyyy!!!
lunch ngan galprennn!!! **ekeke**
syokkk aa tuh dpt lunch ngan galpren :P

aku pown bawu pestime bc name tuh wehh
Yasaman ek...hampir² nak ke Osama..lalalala :D

axim said...

zie--->aah,macam nak hampir ke arah osama la plak..haha


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