Sunday, April 6, 2008

Langkawi Trip

Happy holidays to all.

What a hectic schedule i've been through for this past week.i didn't have so much time for myself either.But still i'm able to manage all of the things to be in order,and today i just want to rest at my lovely home..

Oh yeah,this is the very perfect time for me to update back my langkawi trip stories on 31 mac till 2 april.So guys,check it out...!


31 mac 2008 (monday)

The weather is so bright today.i would like to say-bright and shiny.A perfect weather for a road trip to Kuala Kedah.Actually i'll take ferry at kuala kedah ferry terminal to Langkawi.It takes only one hour to reached there from Pulau pinang(i mean,one hour from penang to Kuala Kedah).

My ferry ticket is at 11.30 am.Lucky that this is not the school holiday or public holiday.i went there with two of my colleagues.

*no people huh...make my work more easier..hehe
*every passenger should wrote their name at ticket counter-in case of emergency.
*in the ferry
*it takes one and half hour from Kuala Kedah to what to do,i fell asleep..hehe
*Alhamdulillah...the trip is safe and here we are
*Welcome to Langkawi

The first thing to do when we arrived at langkawi is rent a car - Proton wira (Rm50 per day).and we straight away go to Teluk Ewa to setup the Air-Pollution tracker Instrument.
This is the instrument,and the reason why we need to carry out this test - because our station is righ next besides the Cement many dust looorr...

*the Lafarge Cement factory.

Done with that,and we have to find some place to get rest....


In the night,we take a walk at Dataran Lang.

*Dataran Lang Langkawi ini telah di rasmikan oleh Tun Dato' Seri Dr.Mahathir Mohammad pada 23 Oktober 1996..(hmmmm 12 years ago...)




Nikli said...

been ages since my last trip to langkawi... if im not mistaken, it was in 2001 kot... hahah...

axim said...

nikli--->realy...?7 years ago haaa...between,i'll often go to langkawi..official reason..hehe

lindosh said...

sgt rindu ngan langkawi.. last pi masa 2005.. ada yg berubah?

Wiween @ Awin said...

huwaaaa langkawi makin cantik skang.last kak ween gi masa thn 2001! lama dah tu! ingat bln 5 ni nak holiday sana lah dgn member2 terchenta :D

Syam said...

semakin cantik kah langkawi atau sama jer...last sekali saya pergi tahun 1999 lama tuh...there must be new developement for the past 9 year kan! Bila nak pergi ek. Stay kat hotel mana axim?

axim said...

lindosh,wiween ,syam--->i rasa x banyak yang berubah kot..makin banyak tempat terbiar adalah...satu satu premis di tutup..langkawi macam ada tempat-tempat tertentu jek yang meriah...lain dari tu hanya perkampungan biasa..

syam--->langkawi tak banyak perubahan pun.mungkin masa dulu dulu lagi meriah..sekarang harapkan festival2 jer yang memeriahkan lagi langkawi ni..stay kat umah kompeni..hehe

Ted said...

penah g sekali je baru langkawi..huhu...plak tu termuntah2 siap pengsan lagi naik feri..ape daaa si ted ni..nway, kalau g langkawi mesti gambar burung tu di-snap kan?jejejejejje

axim said...

ted--->wawawa ted ni mabuk laut rupanya...hehe..len kali nak naik feri makan pil tahan muntah jer k..dah tu jer yang ada kat langkawi,tak taw nak amik gambor apa lagi,hahaha



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