Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GeT Burned..!!

Tonight activity: Playing badminton till you drop
Venue: Dewan Serbaguna Kuarters
Participant's: Me and my colleagues.
Mission: to burn some 'bad' callory in our bodies
Weapon: Badminton racquet and shuttle Cock

*this is our weapon
*me and my colleague
*finish with first round...i'm defeated..!!
*struggle for the battle

*i give them some moral support by capturing some pictures..hehe
*nice shuttle cock
*i'm so what...????
*mission accomplished..(perhaps..?)
*this is my rewards tonight for having three game lose in a row..sob sob.. but remember:my aim is aint winning,just need to exercise a bit more..

I'm having this fresh sunquick juice while rest in front of television...Oooooohhh what a relieved...i already forgot how the taste of this water,till tonight..thanks God.

*already feel sleepy....need to sleep to face a new day tomorrow..gewdnite everybody.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

pehhhh peluh tuhhhhhhhhh
nnti zie suhkan Anis lapkan ea

eh..aku lame aa dh x main badminton
nk ajak akak aku main lg ah
**main kat depan umah die jek**


nasazfrog... said...

hahaha.. my hubby slalu main badminton ari ahad mlm.. kekadang cuti kitorang layan gak main badminton nih kat tasik,,, syok ooo
kua peluh leh bakar lelemak nih,, skang tak leh leh,,, erm,,,

Ted said...

waaaaaaaa, lama tak main ..rindu plak nak men tu lah, dah gemuk2 macam ni malas plak dah.hehe

axim said...

zie--->jom main badminton sama-sama zie...

nasazfrog--->skang tak leh ler nak men kan akak,nak jaga baby kat dalam tu yek..hehe

ted--->lor...sebab badan naik la kena main ted oiii...

paperclip said...

yup bagus gak main badminton ni
tapi kalau joging lagi bagus
yup when we consume calories we have to burn it by exercise dude
the principle is easy
we have to consume calories to burn calories...

Masy said...

last maen badminton masa blom mumayyiz dulu hok hok

axim said...

Paperclip--->joging tak best la clip..baik main badminton kan..kan..kan...

masy--->masya Allah...tu zaman-zaman dulu tuh...haha

LannY said...

lor...i tot whois that guy..azmer rupanye..ha ha

LannY said...

axim, next month somewhere in the mid of the month i will back to my hometown, so lets u available we can go for swiming together and lest take some sunset in Penang Island ok...cioa

ita.itu said...

xim-aktif ye ko dik..kalah misbun nih..hehe...jom lawan akak nak..haha

axim said...

lanny--->azmer la tu mate,sapo lagik...orait,insya Allah kalo takder pa per kita leh hangout kat sini

ita.itu--->jom akak,kita main beregu campuran nak?hehe


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