Monday, April 7, 2008

Langkawi Trip 2

Nothing much to do this weekend..i'm just sitting here in front of my television,and i keep changing the channel until i dont know which channel that i need to watch anymore....What i feel today?i think i am:


but above all of this,i'm happy to be the way i am..('',)..

i will continue again about the story of my trip to langkawi last week..


1 April 2008(Tuesday)

I've never had any chance to ride the cable car at Langkawi.So today is the very first time for me to try it.Lets enjoy the ride..!!

*at the main entrance of Langkawi Geopark*fee per person (Adult ) = Rm25,but if you showed your MyCard,as a Malaysian you will be able to get a quite big discount price: reduce to Rm15 per Person.
*most of them are tourists
*in the cable car
*View of the Langkawi Island as the cable car goes higher.
*Welcome to the top of Mount Mat Cincang.
*Pose at the top
*Now we are at 652.5 meter above the sea level*this bridge are wonderful!!
*me and my colleagues
*Smile-and you will feel happy...

We decided to end the journey after one hour enjoyed the view at the top of the mountain..Overall i'm really impress with this experience - the wheather and the scenery is unforgettable.

*Dah selalu datang langkawi tapi skang baru berkesempatan nak naik kereta kabel..hehe


Syam said...

negri jgk tgk jambatan tuh...bersimpang siur jambatan bengkok macam jambatan yang tak jadi nak buat dkt jb-spore tuh heheeheh. But respect to the contractor and the designer.

Abah Mui'zz said...

Azim tak urut tapak kaki ke kat stesen atas tu?

axim said...

syam--->yup,credit to the contractor and the designer...takut jugak masa duk atas jambatan tuh,ngan angin kuat tapi thats a miracle of enggineering right?

axim said...

abah mui'zz--->mulanya nak try jugak urut tapi ramai plak tourist duk que so tak jadi lah,haha

Lily.Lulu. said...

besnyaa .. dah lama x gi langkawi ...

axim said...

lily.lulu--->nanti try la pergi lagi,,,,cuti-cuti malaysia...


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