Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Music & Lyric'S

Last night my fren(Chef Chen) and i have got invited to enjoyed the Orchestra Performance-Music from England meets Pearl of da Orient-located at Dewan Budaya Universiti Sains amalysia in conjunction with ''tour to far east'' by Oundle School Chamber Orchestra England.

Before that we having a bite of fast food-McDonald..(a bite??)

yeah,i'm having Spicy Chicken McDeluxe double..
With onion Rings

While Chef Chen just having the Filet o Fish in spite of his stringent on diet

looks like somebody removed all of the sauce inside it..haha

Dinner's over and we moved our ass to the Dewan Budaya to enjoyed the performance
In admission ticket stated the dress code-Lounge Suite/Batik or Business attire...WHATTT??
Suprisingly none of us followed dat rule!!..haha..Rules are made to be broken right..we just had a simple jean and lucky me to wear a shirt instead of T-Shirt..

Chef Chen did covered his jean-no need to embarrassed Chef,they wont let us out okeh-we are their guess,remember??hehe
It is not everyday that we are visited by an orchestra from one of the top schools in England,Oundle School.Thus,it is a wonderful opportunity for the Penang community to enjoy good classical music.The concert is further enhanced with joint performances of the penang Symphony Orchestra.This really allows an opportunity for Penang musicians to also showcase their talents.

Before the concerts begin,they do remind us to not using the flash camera that will affect te performance,so belows are da pictures taken without flash mode(courtesy of Chef Chen camera..TQ)..Dont want to explain more-just enjoy da pics!!

This Anna makes me had goosebumps when she projecting her voice...soooo scary..haha
i like this small little girl,she played violin yet didn't take a look at the notes given..she did performed solo too...if i'm not mistaken her name is Freya Goldmark
Another Violin's solo performance.

Followed by Max Waterhouse with Eclogue-an uncompleted piano concerto

When the interval's time over,we enjoyed the Combine performanced by Oundle School Chamber Orchestra and Penang Symphony Orchestra..such a great honoured when they collaborated together as a team..

I like da most performance-The Phantom of the Opera,conduct by Penang Symphony Orchestra Mr.Woon Wen Kin.

Last performance by Andrew Forbes,and all of da audiences gives the rounded applause and standing ovasion to all of the performer..!!(Applause..Applause...Applause...)

They doing such a great job-wonderful and amazing,the combination of the melody,the body languange-the harmonization in this performance and most importantly they entertain all of the audiences..!!..

A mixture of sound and silence
Artistic release in time, the essence
Alluring beauty avowedly delivered
At best, music is simply divine!

This Orchestra Concerts do remind me about this Film-The Phantom of The Opera.

*I know this entries gonna make some of you puked-because i'm not being myself again..,but i'm really not kinda in da mood to blog like i'm always do today....gimme a break please...Hope you'll enjoy this entry as much as you can..Have a good day..!!(will update about 'balik kampung' dat day later..)


Ziana said...

sebaik leh masok..
blasah jek laa ngan jeans tuh

Chen said...

pstt.... ada orang menangis kah, terharu kot masa lagu phantom phantom?

fusarium solani said...

dulu kat depan dewan budaya tuh aku selalu lepak dengan kawan-kawan sambil tunggu bas nak balik ke desasiswa indah kembara. cantikkan tempat tu?

aku pernah buat persembahan di situ, tengok persembahan dan pelbagai lagi aktiviti bebudak usm jalankan di lorong berbata merah itu.

pusat pengajian aku selang dua blok dari dewan budaya usm.

kat lorong bata merah itu juga selalu aku minum nescaffe free dari van yang datang buat promosi...

huh! nostalgia.

rizal said...


best tu..

pengalaman menarik tuu dgr lagu2 camtu..

aku suka jugak tuuu..

ohh! selamat kembali ke dunia blog yer..

pearlEJ said...

uihhhh pi tgk kt usm ka?? awat tak jerit lagi skali?? hahahahaha...

MNN said...

huiishh mesti best giler the phantom of the opera tuuh!! :)

Nikli said...

i love to listen to arias..
i got two in my list:
-Era-The Mass,
-Trinity-Field of Gold

tapi, org cakap nih church punya music.. mm, btoi ke..??

aRa said...

I minat jugak la phantom² ni tapi asal tgk nangis...tgk je nangis... kadang happy nye pun nangis...mcm???agagaga

budleee said...


no harm in being different as long as you remember your roots (speaking of roots, my hair black hair roots growing out my color...)


waaah bestnyer dpt dgr orchestra. i was in a school band (not marching ones, just sitting down like an orchestra but we did not have the strings along (violin, viola, cello, bass, double bass)) memang seronok kalau ramai2 main, memang very harmonius :D

syukur said...

orkestra memang best kalau dihayati dan memang meminati...... tapi banyak jugak yang tak suka orkestra..
Pementasan kat Istana Budaya kalau ada seumpama ini memang gempak...sebab Istana Budaya memang gempak tempatnya..
Pernah tengok live kat Istana Budaya tak?? atau kat KLCC tu ker...??? oooo best axim.

shahril aley said...

aku tak pernah tengok orkestra lagi. tapi tengok teater berapa kali la. ermmm... nanti kena tengok juga la :)

axim said...


tu lah pasal...organizer dah jeling jeling kat kami tapi aku wat boddoooo jer....haha...



errkkkk bukan u ker yang menagis teresak esak semalam....sian Chen...hehe

axim said...


yeah,such a nostalgia...tapi kat kawasan depan dewan budaya tuh memang best lepak lepak...tenang jer rasa kan...hmmm tu lah gunanya memori kan....sesuatu yang indah untuk di kenang..



thanks i'm should come and listen to this performance....i'm bet you not gonna blink ur eyes and shut your mouth up..hehe

axim said...

Kak EJ,

alaaa akak,lupa lagi la nak jerit..haha..nanti kita pi karok nak? topic plak yek..



hai MNN,welkam aboard...yup...such a superb the Concerts most!!

axim said...


waaa you like to listen to Arias yek....nice right...tang lagu church tu aku tak pasti enjoyed it to the fullest okeh...



that really shows that you have such a sensitife feeling deep inside yourself...control sket yek Ara...hehe

axim said...


yeah you are long as we remember our roots then its more than enuff....hmmmm i love this performance..!!!



tak penah tengok lagi la syuk kat istana budaya..takder masa nak pi sana...jauh lagipun,nanti kalau ko nak pegi ajak aku skali k..promise??

axim said...


kalau teater ko suka tengok then Orchestra ni lagi ko suka...Try la nanti tengok....konpem superbbb!!:D

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

Besh la citer Phantom of Opera tuh. klo x silap aku...time aku nengok citer tuh still belas²an taun by adegan 18sx aaa...hahahaha.ko kene pejammmmm jek mate nengoknyer..wakakakaka...wakakaka

mekdi nyer food tuh watkan aku kecur air liur aaaaaa..hangggg nehhhhh!!! pelangkong pala hang 18 juta kali..haha

pssstttt...psstttt...aku nk tarik sore mcm anna tuh gak ah.leh ko kene goosebumps lagiks...haha :P

Lily.Lulu. said...

axim lepas masuk sebab kemachoannya .. dan kemanisannya


sedap makan mekdi .. x jemput pun !! hahaha ~

axim said...


ko kalau bab 18sx suker jer yek....patut la ulang ulang tengok banyak kali...hahaha..

ni mesti tak bekpes lagi nih...takpa saja nak kasi hang kenyang tengok gambaq saja...

kalau ko tarik sore cam anna tuh bukan aku goosebump dah zie,tersembam terus....kahkahkah...



owh,like dat also can aaa??haha...papa namoo jemput adik makan mekdi sebab semalam makan kat MV tak jemput papa pun....sian papa dan mama terpinggir di Pulau ini...kehkehkeh

ita.itu said...

kalo x leh msk, ko dgr la dr luar ek..pineapple pie sdpnye..nak pg lah beli lunch nih

Wahidah said...

orkestra? sound good...pernah layan orkestra sekali...mmg layan soul la..hehehe....mesti best kn?

Josh said...

Orchestra is one of my favourite! used to attend the orchestra by Philharmonics kat KLCC best...

I wish I was there with u guys.

KAKTINY said...

eee.. selamber dia jer masuk tak ikut attire yang ditetapkan.. sila baca dress code.. tak mematuhi bla bla bla bla bla bla.. hehehehehhe...(tu ayat Boss kaktiny kalau ada org dtg tak patuh etika pemakaian..) belasah je ler kan.. janji leh masuk (tapi kalau istana budaya, mg tak lepas kan..)

laparnya tgk Mc.D..

nazzman ibrahim said...

kalau aku p hmmmmmmm mesti aku tido hahaha


hehehe.. apelah nazz..

(err.. putu jugak kot..! ekkeke)..

anyway, siapakah yg nangis tu..? emosi betul dia yek..

Masy said...

alahai lapau laa plk nampak mekdi huhu~

izal said...

best ke orkestra?

kalau aku mesti tido siap dengkur2 kat dlm tu...heheheh

Norae said...


citer phantom of the opera memang best banget.. tambah best bila nonton bila perut dah kenyang..

teringin mc d le pulak... larikk

Beruang Madu said...

Wah wah wah... bawak masuk kamera lagik... tapi abang pun tak setuju banyak sangat rules nak masuk just to enjoy ourselves... apa salahnyakan... janji aku berpakaian... itulah inilah... hellooo ini Malaysia... karang pakai baju panglima masuk teatre baru tahu...

Abang suka tengok orang Penang dah mula tengok teatre... abang pun suka kalau kat sini... kat KL ni murah jer RM20 dah leh tengok kat KLCC...

bozzobattousai said...

bestnye. mesti seronok pegi acara cam gitu. Hancock dah tengok lom?

Rush Murad said...

it has been an ages since i had a chance to go to a show like this one... kat sini nan ado....

Inah said...

lambatnya kak lang nak komen :(

x penah pegi lagi..papa x mo ajak ke :(

axim said...


kalau takleh masuk aku balik umah tengok ASTRO lagi bagus..hehe...haaaa akak tadi masa lunch pi beli tak pineapple pie tuh??



yup,memang best..perlukan penghayatan la baru rasa best...ada orang belakang aku siap menguap giler giler lagik..boring kot..haha

axim said...


owhh so u are the Orchestra enthusiast right....hmmm kat dewan Philharmonic tuh mesti lagi best...wish dapat tengok skali nanti...


Kak Tiny,

tu la pasal...rules are made to be broken so sebab tu kitorang tak ikut dress code yang ader...lagipun ak what kalau sempoi sempoi saja...malas la nak dress macam pi kerja...

axim said...


hang nih memang tak menghayati seni k...ratu ratu tuh hang layan plak..hehe


Putu Bambu,

semua menangis dalam hati jer...haha,takder lah,mana ada menangis...i just rasa kagum...merdu sangat irama yang di mainkan....

axim said...


apa tunggu lagi kak,drive thru jer mana mana McD yang berdekatan...kasi hilang kempunan tuh..



hang nih tak menghayati seni tul la izal...ntah ntah masa tengik wayang pun ko tidur yek..haha

axim said...


owhhh ko suker ekk citer phantom of da opera tuh...nanti cari la bali citer 4 tahun lepas tuh..keskeskes


Abang Bear,

tu lah pasal bang...tak perlu la nak skema bagai kan nak tengok seni..tapi malam tuh di hadiri datin datuk tansri doktor sumerader...nasib Lim Guan Eng takder...tu yang kena dress code skema tuh..hehe..anyway nasib baik dapat masuk..yang kat KLCC tuh kalau ada kesempatan nanti nak pi...

axim said...

Bang Bozzo,

Hancick lum tengok lagik...nak pi tengok malam nih...Insya Allah...abang da tengok kan??


Bang Tepak,

yang kat sarawak festival music tuh best apa ....yang abang duk kasi tiket kat orang tuh..yang rainforest tuh...okeh jugak kan...kalau aku kat sarawak nih mesti nak pi tengok...

axim said...


nanti ajak la adeq ngan kak ngah pi tengok kat KLCC..bak kata abang bear tiket murah jer,rm20 bleh dapat...

eedany said...

terhibur tak uols?

jeans pun kelas babe!


wahaza extra said...

Axim, next time pakai baju ala2 sultan melaka - terus kena ban.

love-n-hate said...

Salam axim...

This entry was brilliant... :)

I love orchestra/live band/concert so much!!

... hope I am the one get the invitation... LOL...kidding.

mummysyafie said...

layan okestra sekali sekala best gak kan..aman minta..ngeh..ngeh..

Faisal Admar said...

Oi Axim tak jemput aku pun!!! Aku nak pi!!! :(


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