Thursday, July 31, 2008

MomenT of TrutH

9.30 am

In the meeting room-attend the morning meeting

But my mind is not there.

Last evening conversation keep playing in my head...which is does kill me softly-


'Axim,come....there's a few things i need you to work on'-Mr.L,my so-called Boss did called me to his room

I'm so excited to see him since this is my final chances to get clarification about my leave status.

i walked into his room-and before i could say one word-

''ok,you listen..on 1,2,3,of August i'm gonna be in Port Dickson and in 4,5, and 6 next week i've got another meeting with CFO to attend at here's da deal-i'm sorry to say that you leave are not going to be approved since there's no stand by person at this station when i'm gone-and i'm sorry to say again you really have to cancel your trip-maybe some other trip may help you-i think later on i'm going to give you some other precious time to cpver up this matter''

Oh gosshhhh i knew this will coming..

''Boss,da thing is i'm already planned this important i was said before this may not sounds important to you..but it does to me..''

i still trying to beg him for mercy-trying to let him know how i want this so bad.

Before he could say anything,i continued:

''what about flight ticket-hotel booking-transportation booking-and everything's-''

Then My boss replied

''You have no choice-just cancelled it and i think that's gonna be ok-mmmm by da way how much does the flight ticket cost you??perhaps we could do something about it''

''Boss,listen...this aint about money or what..i just need to be there-just want to be with 'my family'-believe me,aint no price you can pay for that..'' i replied back..

In his Defense,Mr.L:

''You know what..i've got so much pressure from the top too...i also just couldn't understand why they did arrange everythings like did-in last minute called-i know this was hard for you to take it,but this is what we have to prioritize always comes first bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.......bla bla bla....

(i couldn't remember clearly what does he mumbling about because i'm already feel irritated with this 'lecturing')

Then i'm quickly tell him:

''What if i'm just going..because i dont think i could cancel this..''

(i just dont know what to say anymore..)

With smile on his face,he replied:

''Then you already know that our appraisal time is coming this next september right???i'm afraid that probably will effect Your KPI later on...''

-Short,simpe yet very threatening from that synical face.

As my boss started to talk about his AUTHORITY-i know this argument will lead to nowhere for me-and i know that i'm already lose...totally lose..

In a weak tone i just can said,

''well thank you...if you've said so looks like i've no other options then..''

It is so useless to drag myself into this Argument-because after all-HE'S DA BOSS-and Boss always right no matter what..



'If there is no other issues then i would like to adjourned this meeting' said our GM..

i'm awaked from the 'nightmare',and just realize that the morning meeting is over.

yeah,i'm a day dreamer...

Yet a fighter that already lose before he could FIGHT in the WAR.


izal said...

sedih pulak aku baca entry nehh...

mmg cam lahanad ekk pangai boss ko tuh...

sabar bro...takpelah, bak kata ko, boss always wat to do but to cancel yr project S...:(

Redbloodsnow said...

isskk..cian lak ko ek
boss ko mcm xde mercy jek...puii
its true aaa xim...THAT arguement leads to no where aaa
w/pun setegas mane pown ko nk speak of ur rights...tetap gak aa ko lose sbb..tuh la kan...HE'S DA BOSS n he ALWAYS right **sigh**

xpe ler t ko makan ati berulam jantung je la nengok pic "family" ko t..hikhik
...ooppsss!!! melawak lak aku time ginie..kehkehkeh...cowieee²



i hate that kind of boss..!!!

Unknown said...


he is the boss.... memang hanjeng.. tapi that is what we have to do kalau keje bawah orang kan..

terpaksa lah u hipokrite Axim, and just act neutral in front of him, nanti tak dpt urm naik pangkat yek.. KPI. appraisal thing..

sabor... at least dia org nak ganti balik kan duit tiket tuh. at least desak your boss yg tu la, to lessen the damage because its not fair to cancel leave bila dah lulus.

Tokyo BLUE said...

nah kapak.. kapak kan kepala dia

nazzman ibrahim said...

hmmmmm boss aku pun mcm sial gak.....mcm nak tembak jerrr

azizi said...

salam axim,
yup, mcm tu lah kalau kerja dgn org.
anyway, i guess - at least (looking at the bright side), he trusts you. in a way. i had same experiences, even worst. but, just hold your grip. insya' Allah. As for your 'family' gathering, it can be done later. Insya' Allah.
- my advice, a sincere one - hold your grip, tightly. sometimes we need to lose to win - kindly meet your boss and say sorry for putting pressure on him as well. We do not have to fight with them, it will lead to nowhere. But, i admire your courage to discuss with him.
Yup my advice sounds too ideal, but we should know the games. yup, the games. Working life is not just a fight-and-flee situation, but know how to play the games.
hold your grip - will you?

Adam said...

sabar jer ek .. boss mmg cengitu .. hehehe!

by the way ... encik ni main muzikk tak?? .. dok aner ek???

ita.itu said...

jahatnye boss ko la dia dik..sok2 ada la balasan tuh

Mrs.Sheikh said...

sabar axim...
kadang2 bos mmg gitu
baboooonnn... erkkkkkkkkkkk....
i pun penah rasa...

Faisal Admar said...

wahlao! this is cruel.
i just can't accept this if it happen to me!
you were right when you told him that money isn't about everything!
time is gold... can money buy time? no.

then what you wanna do then?
claim the money from the boss since there is no choice?


Anonymous said...

sometime life isn't fair...
and it can get worse........
it won't be fair unless it happens to themselves....

but my advice is,
your job is your periuk nasi,
without it you can't take care of your family as well...

Ambil je semua ni sebagai iktibar dan pengalaman,
Tuhan lebih mengetahui,
Mana la tau..
Something much much better will come along....
Ok bro~! :)

Shah said...

So sorry to hear bout this Axim. Cian sangat kat ko... :-(

pearl'E.J said...

ermmmmm... tak terkata apa2.... paham sgt perasaan tu mcm mana...

Ziana said...


angah no komen..
but... nih sume ur future..
so kami redha..
and take it as positive way..
so.. izinkan kami pergi ya pa?
doakan semua anak2 pa slamat..
pa perati dr jauh ek?
(huh?? hate to say that!! kill kill kill ur bosss!!!)

Inah said...

me nak tambah!!

kill..kill..killl..hahahaha :P kena pos ur adiah la..alahai..bak alamat :)

Rush Murad said...

i'm really sympathize for what is happening to u... ada hikmah tu...

p/s:just wait for my small give to u... semua yg pi projek 'S' akan dapat..... :D

RieNa.YuMi said...

sumtimes they have no choice to put you in that situation…just think the bright site…things happen for a reason…so there must be a reason…

I do know what you feel when leave application been rejected…banyak kali dah kena…sumtimes pegi jer cuti…break the rules…beside rules are made to be broke aight…..hehehhe..

neway..they have the power to do such thing to us…

Anonymous said...

aku plg benci bos cm lahant ni..
tp kdg2 kita ne korbankn sesuatu demi kerjaya kita kan?
x suka!!!!

act ms aku mintk cuti pnjg br2 ni,bos aku x aprve tau,tp aku ckp duit hotl,flhgt semua da booking,br dia bg,tu pun dpt bp hr jek..x best..=(

x pe la ajim,mane tau pasni de projek lg best ker kn?=_

SYUKS said...

Hai Axim... here is a solution ..mmm kira kronidia punya solution la ni..

pretend to be sick...

2 days leave from me
2 days leave from Dr Shah
2 days leave from Dr Hamdi
2 days leave from Dr Chen

Time to use our professional misbehave to a good cause. Your boss can't say anything.

@xiM said...


yes...there's nothing left for me to say...sabor je lah..



takper..nanti aku tengok je la pic dari blog diorang..huhu

@xiM said...

Putu Bambu,

me too...but what to do...



yup...dah jadi kuli macam ni lah...kena ikut jer la apa orang atasan cakao...hmmm i'm not gonna take any money if dia nak gantikan tiket skali pun..sebab this aint about money...

@xiM said...

Tokyo Blue,

meh sini kapak tuh..aku nak kapak cinapek tuh...



moh kita tembak diorang pakai mesingun....biar pecah berderai..

@xiM said...


however,aku suka komen ko pasal-sometimes we have to lose before we deep maksud ayat tuh..anyway thanks for ur brilliant advice..appreciate dat so much..



yup..boss alwyas like dis..

erkkk aku tak reti main alat muzik!!

@xiM said...


balasn neraka ker akak??kahkah



baboonn ekk..kahkah..gelak aku..haha

@xiM said...

Faisal Admar,

yup...damn it!!tapi nak wat kuli i have todo what i have to do....

money is not everything...


Prince Rizal,

kalau kena batang idung sendiri baru depa taw camana...huhu..

anyway,betul cakap ko pasal kerja nih periuk nasi decision yang wise haruslah di ambil kira...

TQ bro for ur advice!!

@xiM said...


doctor....tak taw nak watpe lagi dah..:(



alang...namoo la camni..jangan salahkan papa k...papa mintak maap...

@xiM said...

Kak EJ,

thanks akak kerna memahami...dah takdir begini..redha aje lah...



papa doakan anak anak sumer selamat pi dan selamat balik!!

take care yer YKWYA..:(

@xiM said...


nanti papa sms kasi alamat kat alang yek..


Bang Tepak,

owhhh really???that was nice of you!!TQ tokwan!!

@xiM said...

Riena Yumi,

well,HE'S DA BOSS!!



kalau ada projek lain pun pasti tak sama ngan yang nih..


@xiM said...


i'm gonna consider this last resor nyer solution.hehe...

anyway,TQ doc for the brilliant suggestion!!appreciate it so much!!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, his pen is sharper than any known knife. Sabar saja lah, I've read that you're looking forward to your trip.

Jgn lupa pada hukum Karma, apa yang dia buat, dengan berkat kesabaran kita, ada hari dia yang kena... And at time, we'll know who has the last laugh...

What comes around, goes around... betul tak? :)

mummysyafie said...

boss is always right! walaupun tak suke tapi itu mmg dah semestinya..

kiter kena jadi perisai untuk cover matter what.

Anonymous said...

Sabor jelah kalau dah nama makan gaji,terpaksa redha jelah... tp kalau melampau sangat faham2 ler, tak payah nak ajar.. axim pun tau nak fikir kan..kan... kan.. buat zaman2 dulu, amik garfu calarkan keta dia.. he he..

Unknown said...

heee takpe duit tu buat lah sedekah or bagi zakat, dari burn begitu sahaja :)

@xiM said...


yeah....what goes around will comes back around....(tetiba teringat lagu JT..hehe)


Kak Nor,

yeahhh...Boss always right!!even we have more right than him,but at the end of da day he always be more than us...

*erkkk apa aku merepek nih...ntah.aku pun tak paham...:)

@xiM said...


takyah calarkan kereta ,kita letupkan sahaja kereta dia..biar dia mampus then bleh dapat boss baru...kakakaka...jahat gilos aku kah....kahkah



satu cadangan yang bernas buddy!!!

Anonymous said...

poor axim... sabar yerr :(

rudy bluehikari said...

Xim, apalagik kawan2 doktor semalaysia dah nak bagi mc tu..hahahahahaha

takpe Xim, anggap ini cbrn dlm kerjaya. kerja mcm biasa, percayalah disebalik itu nanti tuhan bagi xim cuti rehat yg lebih baikkkkk lagik. "cuti bukan hak" gitu dalam akta 605 yang aku terikat. taktahulah dalam regulation sykt Xim.


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