Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Beginning*EURO2008

'I bet the game between Czech republic and Switzerland will be dominated by Czech republic with 2-1,and Portugal gonna beat Turkey with final score 2-0..that was just my prediction for the very beginning match.Hopefully they gonna make it as what i'm already predict..'

That's what i'm saying last friday...The result is still da same as what i'm predicted,but seems like the score aren't..Last nite the match between Switzerland Vs Czech Republic and Portugal Vs Turkey is over,and the winner goes to Czech Republic (1-0 against switzerland) and Portugal(2-0 against Turkey)

I'm just watched the match between Switzerland vs Czech Republic,and eventhough Czech dominated the game but personally i'm quite disappointed with their performance..Seems like they are underestimate the strength of Switzerland..We could see Switzerland team really try their best to cope with the game,but at the end of the game Czech Republic substitute Václav Svěrkoš crashed the party for co-hosts Switzerland by scoring the only goal of the UEFA EURO 2008 curtain-raiser in Basel.

*Czech Republic substitute Václav Svěrkoš crashed the party for co-hosts Switzerland
*Tomáš Ujfaluši of the Czech Republic (right) is chased by Marco Streller
*Alexander Frei was forced off injured late in the first half

Svěrkoš struck after 71 minutes to defeat a home side already deflated by a knee injury to forward Alexander Frei.Frei is being Substitute by Hanan Yakin and he also being a threat to Czech at the beginning of his appearance.Overall the match is well deserved by Czech Republic to win.

Another match last nite(which is gonna be on air tonight at TV9 10.45PM-Delayed) is between Portugal and Turkey,which is losers on the opening day four years ago, Portugal made a sure-footed start to UEFA EURO 08 as second-half strikes from Pepe and substitute Raul Meireles secured all three points at the Stade de Genève.

*Raul Meireles (number six) is mobbed after his goal

*Pepe (kneeling) basks in his goal

*Another matches for Group B is on 9 june (2.45 AM ) our time-Germany VS Poland,and Austria VS Croatia.Dont miss the match,dan selamat bersengkang mata menonton EURO 2008 ini.TQ.


MOLY said...

konpem blog axim bulan bulan nih dan bulan bulan akan dtg penuh dengan citer bola


SYUKS said...

makan bola tido bola..... kita orang kat sini pun dah kerap berfutsal dah.. siap ada kejohanan interdepartment kat HUKM hujung bulan ni.. Dr Shah punya jabatan menang tahun lepas so berhasrat nak rampas takhta tahun ni..
My pick for 9th June game : Germany and Croatia will win... he ha

Ziana said...

sms lg ek?

Inah said...

bola lagik malam ni??esok keje tauuu :P

@xiM said...

Lily--->sila baca dengan penuh tabah yer..hehe

Syukur--->i pick the same too..jap lagi game german lawan poland i bet german menang 2-0...we'll see later k..


Inah--->kerja kerja jugak..bola layan kan ajer...zassssss...


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